Importance of VA!

VA services help entrepreneurs leverage other people’s skills to grow their business. Running an Amazon business gets more competitive but also easier as the years go by. With innovation and outsourcing, sellers become more efficient, and businesses grow consistently. A virtual assistant can be exactly what you need.

Inventory Management

Amazon FBA has over 75 systems and processes that you can utilize to optimize your business. If you’re using multiple methods, though, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the demand of daily inventory management. This is where an Amazon FBA VA comes in handy. They can help you keep track of your inventory levels across your warehouses, orders, deliveries, and sales coming from your Amazon stores.

Product Returns

A customer may request a product return for different reasons. It could be that the product is defective, arrived damaged, or they just simply changed their mind. A customer-oriented Amazon virtual assistant should know how to deal with these concerns properly, including issuing partial refunds whenever necessary.

Reimbursement Cases

Amazon FBA has a reimbursement policy for items lost or damaged at a facility operated by or on behalf of Amazon. However, filing a reimbursement claim can involve multiple steps that vary by where in the fulfillment process your item is damaged or lost. So, it can be a bit tedious to do it all on your own. A VA for Amazon FBA can ensure that any lost or damaged item that is eligible under Amazon’s reimbursement policy is reimbursed to your business by raising concerns and creating a case to Amazon’s support team to get your case investigated and resolved.

Customer Support

Customer support is where generalist VAs shine. It is one of the most vital aspects of a successful Amazon business, but it can also be one of the most time-consuming tasks. Virtual support agents can handle various contact points, such as ManyChat, VoIP phone systems, business email, SMS, among other modes of communication. Using a VA for your customer support can help to improve your quality of service and customer satisfaction.


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